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Aged Care Loan Calculator
Property Value:
(property to be used as security for the loan)
RAD Required:
(refundable accommodation deposit)
Cash Out Required:
Monthly interest details:
Interest value:
Loan Repayment value:


The approved loan amount would be: $
Interest Rate (Years 0-5): %
Interest Rate (Years 5-7): %

The approved amount will be comprised of:
RAD: $
Cash Out: $
Accummulated Interest Allowance: $

Interest will be accummulated onto initial loan balance of $ untill the balance of the loan reached $. During that time you will not be required to make any loan repayments.

Loan Repayment Details:
Months that interest is accrued and no repayments required
Months that interest repayments are required
Monthly interest repayments (once required): $
Total Interest Payable Over Time: $
Final Loan Repayment after 7 years : $

Assumptions: Property value inflates at 3.00% pa. Upfront/account service fees are not included in the loan amount. Interest payments are made once the loan amount reaches 140% of the initial advanced amount. The loans runs for the full 7 year term.

* The calculator is a guide only and may not meet your individual circumstances. You should obtain your own legal and /or financial advice before acting upon any information obtained from the calculator. *