Application Security

Security for our customers is paramount.

Security experts

We have a dedicated team of security experts monitoring threats and regularly testing all our services to ensure that they remain safe and secure.

Lockouts and timeouts

Your account will be temporarily locked after a number of unsuccessful attempts. If your sessions is inactive for a period of time and you haven’t logged out, we will log you out.

Activity log

You can view your activities by going to the Activity tab after you have logged in. If you believe an activity was not initiated by you, please contact our Customer Services Team on 13 80 10.

Extra verification

In the event that you wish to change your account details, validation codes are sent to you and must be entered to confirm that you have requested the change. This is prior to information being changed in the application. One of our staff may also contact you to confirm in person.


All data sent and received from your computer or smartphone to our application is encrypted using the latest technology to ensure confidentiality and that your data is protected.

Independent audits

We work closely with independent security consultants to verify the security of our systems including reviews of the system architecture, network and web applications.