Our Credit Analysts Finish What They Start

Your time is precious, so it’s important that we make the best use of it. That’s why at
La Trobe Financial we have moved to a simplified credit assessment model.


What Does This Mean For You?

It means you only have to explain an application once, provide documentation once, and you benefit from knowing the Credit Analyst you’re working with is responsible for the initial assessment, right through to formal approval, meaning our Credit Analysts finish what they start.

For over seven decades, we’ve prided ourselves on pragmatic, solutions-based credit assessments. We’re excited to maintain this mindset, and build on it with a more efficient process to all received submissions.

How it Works

There are no additional checklists to complete and your submission method can remain the same. Simply provide all supporting documentation, inclusive of valuation report, with your initial submission and enjoy a smoother assessment process.

Once received, you’ll hear from a Credit Analyst that you’ll have direct access to by phone and email from start to finish, reducing the chance that information will need to be resubmitted, revised or reassessed.

Conditional approvals are still available if required, or if all supporting documentation cannot be provided at the time of submission.

Tips for Even More Efficiency

  1. AI Automation 
    Ensure you are using our latest application form, found here, and let our A.I. data automation process your application as fast as possible.
  2. iQuote
    Prior to submission, generate your own conditional approval by using iQuote found in the Broker Portal.
  3. Valuation Reports 
    Order a valuation prior to submission via the PropertyHub or Valocity.
  4. Income Verfication 
    Income verification via BankStatements.com.au is easy for brokers and borrowers alike.
  5. Recent Credit Enquires 
    Include an explanation of recent credit enquiries within your submission notes.
  6. Exit Strategy and Cash-Out Explanation  
    Provide a written, signed and dated exit strategy and/or cash-out explanation letter (where applicable).

What’s Not Changing?

  • Direct phone and email access to all Credit Analysts, BDMs, and support staff
  • Our credit appetite
  • Our lending criteria
  • Our product range

We’re Here to Help

A reminder that our friendly Client Partnerships Team is available to discuss our credit assessment process, broker accreditations, a lending scenario and more. Contact them on their phone numbers within the link, or email [email protected].