Security Hub

Security is critical. Here are some useful tips and information to protect you and your assets.

Report Irregular Activity

Have you spotted a scam or irregular activities in your accounts?
Have you identified a fraud or other concerns related to your accounts?

Call 13 80 10

Get to Know our Privacy Policy

Familiarise yourself with our Privacy Policy carefully. It explains fully how La Trobe Financial respects and protects your personal data and other information that you have provided us.

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Security Contacts

Need Assistance?

Call Customer Service on 13 80 10 Monday to Friday between 8:00am and 5:30pm to:

  • Report a suspicious La Trobe Financial message
  • Report unusual activity or unauthorised use of your La Trobe Financial account
  • Report identity fraud

Additional Cyber Security resources

There are a number of government and not-for-profit initiatives and resources that provide information and updates about cybersecurity risks, trends and staying sage online.

You may also want to register for Australian Cyber Security Centre’s Alert Service, an Australian Government initiative service designed to alert you of new online threats as they are identified.