Community Initiatives

We are committed to investing in the advancement and well-being of our broader community. These initiatives are an integral part of the way we do business and encompass the true spirit of our company’s philosophy of ‘others before self’.

Lend A Hand Days

The Lend A Hand Day opportunity serve as a platform to empower employees with to make a difference through our Community Involvement Program, where employees are actively engaged with people in need in the broader community through community service, volunteer projects and mentoring.

As part of our community and social connection strategy, we encourage our employees to participate in our Lend a Hand Day, a fully paid leave day that enables volunteering with approved charities, organisations and some of our partners.

Community Partners

The CFC Magpie Nest Café Volunteer Day – offers employees the opportunity to contribute their time and support as volunteers at the café. By serving quality, hot food, and drinks, our dedicated employee volunteers establish meaningful connections with visitors, uplifting their spirits.

The café serves as a safe space for women, offering assistance, mental health services, and support, acting as a gateway to Magpie Nest Housing and facilitating access to other essential support services.

Taronga Beach Clean Up Day – is a collective effort where employees come together to participate in a beach clean-up event. By removing litter and debris from beaches and coastal areas, employees actively contribute to environmental conservation. This initiative promotes teamwork, community involvement, and the preservation of our coastal ecosystems. Engaging in Taronga Beach Clean Up Day fosters a sense of environmental responsibility among employees, allowing them to make a positive impact on the natural world.

Our Corporate Blood Bank – Blood Donation program, in collaboration with the Red Cross, offers employees the opportunity to voluntarily donate blood and contribute to lifesaving medical treatments. By participating in this program, employees support critical healthcare needs and save lives through their selfless acts of donation. Partnering with the Red Cross allows employees to actively engage in their community, promote social responsibility, and experience the personal fulfillment of making a meaningful difference.

Some of the charities our employees have volunteered at along the way include St Kilda Mums, Foodbank, Beach Clean Up, Community Cafes, and RSPCA.

Over the last 12 months, 34 staff have given 238 hours to the Lend A Hand program.

In addition, our Matching Donations program is an employee benefit that enables employees to amplify the impact of their charitable contributions. Through corporate donation matching, the company matches employees’ donations to eligible nonprofit organisations, effectively doubling the generosity of employees and maximizing the support provided to causes they care about.