Taronga Zoo

La Trobe Financial has partnered with Taronga Conservation Society Australia (Taronga), highlighting its ESG commitments (including to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals) by supporting endangered species.

La Trobe Financial’s partnership with Taronga will include support for the critically endangered Regent Honeyeater. Taronga has been a key player in the National Recovery Plan for more than two decades, with more than 300 birds bred and released back into woodland ecosystems, however more must be done to secure the future of this significant species. We recognise Taronga’s important role and responsibility in the protection and restoration of nature through targeted action and are honored to support this worthy cause.

The goal is for Regent Honeyeaters to not only persist in the wild, but for their populations to increase. For this to happen, we must improve habitat quality and connectivity whilst improving their post release survival and breeding success rate. The Regent Honeyeater conservation status remains as Critically Endangered. The fight for these magnificent birds continues.