We assist thousands of borrowers each year with flexible alternative lending solutions.

Market leading products that stand the test of time

We offer one of the broadest product ranges available in Australia, catering for a variety of borrowers and scenarios.

We provide funds for a wide range of loan purposes, secured against residential, commercial and other real property security. Loans are available for terms between 1 and 30 years, with up to 5 years interest only payments. Commercial security loans have a 25 year maximum term.

We focus primarily on assets which are typically rated AA to A and clients under-served by traditional retail banks. These assets often fail the automated lending processes of retail banks due to minor (but often paid) impairments in credit criteria, alternate modes of income verification, older than usual accepted age, past minor default history due to missed bills, or being a recent arrival into Australia, just to name a few.

Since 1952, we have proved this asset class to be a strong investment grade. Our diversified funding strategy has achieved one of the broadest product ranges in the specialist sector performing over many economic cycles, including maintaining lending throughout and subsequent to the GFC.

Our commitment to innovation, product quality and superior service has been proven over 65 years, providing one of Australia’s broadest product ranges and truly focussed on meeting the needs of customers.

Solutions focused - competitive interest rates

Our unique funding model enables a competitive interest rate to match each of our borrower’s specific circumstances, requirements and objectives. With a focus on a flexible approach to lending, we have the ability to adopt product flexibility and a “how can we make this work for the customer” approach.

Why choose to partner with La Trobe Financial?

We remain strong because of our service delivery, quality and breadth of products over the long term; over 65 years of successful business demonstrates this. We assess each loan application on its merits and do not compromise credit quality.


  • We do not rely solely on credit score - each loan is as unique as each borrower
  • Direct access to credit analysts – responsible for assessing and approving the loan. Our credit analysts will speak to you about your loan at all times
  • One of the broadest product ranges – broadest lending product range in Australia from Super Prime, Prime, Near Prime and Specialist loans all under one roof
  • Immediate personalised service and response - No automated receptionist or long drawn out response times waiting on credit committees. Over 330 staff dedicated to serving you

La Trobe Financial is a responsible lender

We are committed to responsible lending. We recognise the importance of working with our valued distribution partners to ensure we all play our part in conducting our lending operation in an ethical and responsible manner. The following outlines our approach to responsible lending.

Lend only what our customers can afford to repay (new and refinanced home loans):

  • Ensuring compliance with the National Consumer Credit Protection Act, relevant guidelines published by ASIC, MFAA, FBAA, Australian Financial Complaints Authority, and our own credit assessment policies.
  • Ensuring brokers have relevant information covering our fees, products and credit policy requirements.
  • Ensuring our asset origination staff only approve loans that are not unsuitable to the customer by following a strict, detailed and sensible loan criteria process, including the use of credit reference agency checking and serviceability calculators to make a full assessment of an applicant’s capacity to repay a loan without substantial hardship.
  • Ensuring the loan meets each applicant's requirements and objectives.
  • Making reasonable enquiries to ascertain the applicant's financial situation.
  • Making reasonable enquiries to independently verify the applicant's financial situation.

For borrowers facing financial difficulty we ensure that we:

  • Encourage customers facing financial difficulty to talk to us directly, treating every case individually.
  • Proactively contact borrowers who may be experiencing financial difficulty in managing their home loan.
  • Offer payment options for customers to help them deal with changing circumstances.

Encouraging borrowers to seek independent advice

Obtaining a home loan is an important decision. La Trobe Financial recommends borrowers seek independent information as part of their decision making process.

'Money Smart' an initiative from the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) will help you with accessing financial information, safety checks and free financial tools.

"Avoid Bad Loans" Brochure is an initiative from La Trobe Financial which was developed in 2006 to help you avoid predatory lending practices.

Connect with your credit experts today

To speak to one of our credit experts or your local Senior Manager – Client Partnerships (click here) call us today for immediate service on 13 80 10.

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