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Our SMSF loan products are suitable for the purchase of a range of different property types and purposes.

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Product Details:

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Product Name SMSF Residential SMSF Commercial
Current Rate^ 5.69%^ 5.79%^
Comparison Rate* n/a n/a
Security Type Residential security Commercial security
Loan Purpose Purchase & Refinance of Investment Purchase & Refinance of Investment
Verification Required 80% Rental Income. SMSF Contribution Statement. Income deemed at 3.9% 80% Rental Income. SMSF Contribution Statement. Income deemed at 3.9%
Personal or Business/Investment Purposes Business/Investment only Business/Investment only
Minimum Loan Amount $100,000 $100,000
Maximum Loan Amount $10,000,000 (65% LVR)
$2,000,000 (70% LVR)
$1,500,000 (80% LVR)
$10,000,000 (65% LVR)
$3,000,000 (75% LVR)
Maximum LVR 80% 70%
Lenders Mortgage Insurance required No No
Maximum Loan Term 30 Years 25 Years
Repayment Type Principal & Interest Principal & Interest
Maximum Interest Only Term n/a 5 Years
Interest Rate Type Variable Variable
Redraw Available No No
Application Fee (excl. Val. & Legal Fees) $995.00 from 1.25% of the loan amount
Risk Fee $0 $0
Additional Repayments Yes No

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    1. Self Employed Accountants Certificate (SEBAC)
    2. PAYG Employer Salary Confirmation (PAYG-C)
    3. Self Employed Borrowers Repayment Declaration (SEBRD)
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